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Coastal Pride was founded by Wade Currie, a young man who grew up on the coast of North Carolina spending countless days on the water and beaches. The brand was inspired by a particular front porch in the small coastal town of Southport, North Carolina with a view across the mouth of the Cape Fear River to Bald Head Island, and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. This is the place that captured his heart.

It is not only the seaside views, but the timeless southern charm that surrounds the small coastal towns of North Carolina that makes time seem to slow down. One is consumed by the lifestyle that living by the water entails. There is a feeling understood by anyone who feels the coastal winds, smells the salt in the air, and watches the boats pulling in and out of their slips. The ambiance casts its spell on anyone who experiences it. Whether a visitor or a native, it leaves a lasting impression. It’s a seaside state of mind.

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